Angel Readings - What to Expect

Angel Readings – What to Expect

The Potential angel readings can serve as a tool to support the processes of self-knowledge and development of consciousness and is very important for people of all genders and of all ages. Through the channeling angel messages, the information disclosed to the individual can help to understand certain parts of its own current condition and offer advice for a possible improvement of this – always respecting the free will and encouraging individual self-responsibility. From the current situation, potential personal infinities are available. Certain information may be of great value in the healing process (especially the mental level, emotional and spiritual – the way itself), since (the holistic and energetic point of view) consciousness has a great impact on the system as a whole.

Angel readings is great for people who:

  • They are already “on the way” and want advice about the “next step”
  • want to (re-) integrate aspects of their own divine potential in the light body (divine potential rescue)
  • feel “blocked” (in life), they want constellate a theme, but do not know which theme constellate
  • Want to know more about your inner self through the help of reliable and straight to the point entities who see it all from above. You can learn more about your inner self at


Angel Readings - What to Expect

At this moment, here and now, endless possibilities are open to you when you have contact with angels through angels readings.

Within their own individual potential, you will be able to improve yourself and those around you.

What are angels?

Angels are beings of light that serve the unique Creative Source Creator in the universe. In its pure respect, admiration and unconditional love for all the children of God, the angels want us to support and accompany us during our transformation processes, helping us to overcome our own challenges (which are usually internal, for even the external challenges mirror internal challenges). The answer to every challenge is always the divine unconditional love that is usually expressed through forgiveness (as a way of overcoming the illusion of this world). That is why angel readings are so important and so intense.

Why are angels here for us?

From a broader perspective, the angels want to help us to remember who we really are, where we come from and what is our purpose for being here and now. Angels come in us the light of the divine essence shining in a vibration that only expresses love. Well that’s what we are: an expression of love. divine standards, light, sound. The truth of who we really are from the beginning of all time. For this, they can accelerate our consciousness development processes eliminating crystal structures of our bodies light so we can see and recognize the truth inside and outside of ourselves – in everything. The person may be, directed toward his own light, the I AM presence. This is the wholeness of being. An internal walk of development and evolution as consciousness and so through Psychic Readings – …

Learn Telepathy - Types of Present Clairvoyant Visions

Learn Telepathy – Types of Present Clairvoyant Visions

Telepathy (or any type of Psychic Readings – clairvoyant, for that matter) is not difficult to learn, the main lock is the belief, and one must believe that you can achieve telepathic transmission and reception. There is another important primary, you must have a clear mind to send and receive. Usually your external environment is a reflection of your internal environment, if you live in a messy place and if you are disorganized the chance is that it reflects a loss of energy within you.

That’s the first thing you should do; get rid of the mess; make a void in your life. Transmute the energy of the place to a more positive maintaining its place as clean as possible. There is much discussion about this in feng shui field, I encourage the interested person read more about it at, there is much to say about the energy in the place where we live.

Learning telepathic reception

For 10 to 15 minutes sit comfortably or lie down. Start observing your thoughts, become familiar with your own flow of thoughts, do not judge, or make comments or follow a certain sequence of thoughts, it is here that some experience in concentration help it.

When you can distinguish well his own flow of thoughts, you will find a layer of disconnected thoughts, images and even sounds. It’s hard to say what you get with this exercise, images may involve people you know or not, voices may be familiar or not, images may arise. It might take time until you reach the expected level of telepathy, but do not give up, Psychic Readingsclairvoyant is there to help.

Learn Telepathy - Types of Present Clairvoyant Visions

Learning transmission Telepathic

This is a beginner exercise, the easier you can do that is to send love to someone. Lie down or sit comfortably, close your eyes and imagine a bright violet sphere of violet light on top of your head, this symbolizes your crown chakra that keeps the energy of wisdom, now focus on the center of your chest and imagine a light pink bright guarding the energy of love.

Imagine a violet light stream coming from your crown chakra to the heart chakra, this is your energy wiser heart because without wisdom your heart is sentimental and irrational; make light of the heart reach your crown chakra because without the heart energy your crown chakra is cold and distant, play with it until you have a good feeling to finish imagine a stream of light coming from your heart chakra to the heart chakra anyone you choose. Do this for a few minutes, you know when the other person received his telepathic transmission by how you feel, if you are feeling better and happier is an excellent sign that your message was received, in some rare cases, you can feel exhausted and frustrated, it happens when you send love to someone who has closed her heart to you. You can always count on Psychic Readings – clairvoyant,

Understanding Psychic Abilities: Clairvoyance Explained

Understanding Psychic Abilities: Clairvoyance Explained

Psychic Readings

clairvoyant will help you understand several different types of psychic abilities. Are you ready to know if you are part of this group of special people?

Neurocognitive impairment

  It is the ability to decrease brain activity of a creature or person in certain moments.

Knowing the past

Ability to see the past of people, animals, places and inanimate objects through physical contact, visions occur as an out of body experience, as a superficial memory or a vision in astral form.


It is the ability to see the odds of the events that happen in the future and then interpret them to select the best or manipulate probable events.

Probability right

Ability of Psychic Readings – clairvoyant to calculate the various options and choose the one that is most likely to be realized, or the best person for the occasion. The calculations are done with greater speed than that of a computer.


Ability to obtain information about an object, person, location or physical event that are happening or will happen – this is also angel readings. This information can come in the form of simple vision or presence. If by the presence, character appears at the time/invisible and intangible place, with freedom to move within a defined space. Read more about Clairvoyance at

Artistic Precognition

Ability to artistically recreate any future event. It is sometimes used in conjunction with skills that allow you to discover information inaccessible to ordinary people, such as clairvoyance. Art can be painting, sculpture, ceramics, any kind of art.

Intuitive Fitness

Ability to analyze complex systems and intuitively understand how without detailed knowledge or training. For systems that it already comprises, it is able to detect and identify failures in the mechanism with a quick inspection. Systems that he has never seen before require a longer study apparently, but he is able to understand them much faster than a normal person and with less technological equipment.

Super intelligence

Ability to have an IQ well above normal, can both remember anything like relate all he remembers creating new theories, this can also be used to do angel readings. With this power you can quickly understand situations, create and fix anything.

Eidetic or photographic memory

It is the ability to store and process vast information in its memory, providing a learning superhuman ability.

Understanding Psychic Abilities: Clairvoyance Explained

Empathy sensitive

It is the ability to read and feel the sensations and feelings of those who wish without being able to modify them too. Can calm people and improve the state of others, but can not be any major change in mood and feeling.


It is the ability to communicate with any language, human, animal or alien. This means that the person can read code written in other alphabets, understand what people talk in other languages, and even read texts written in code, encrypted.


Ability to see, talk to spirits through angel readings.

Artistic Reality

Ability to give life to everything we produce texts, drawings, …

5 Ways To Ensure A Great Psychic Reading

5 Ways To Ensure A Great Psychic Reading

What is an aura? This is the first step to ensure a great psychic reading. Before we get into that, let´s understand the 5 ways to ensure this happens correctly.

  1. Understand what an aura is
  2. Help someone who wants to be helped
  3. Understand and study to provide the best reading possible
  4. Do not be insecure
  5. Be honest, straight to the point and human to do angel readings

The aura is an energy field around the human body, which reflects his inner life, that is, how you feel about things. The energy field is made up of “psychic matter.” This matter is not visible to the physical eyes, but can be perceived by the “third eye” trained, and is often perceived as a color field, you can read more about aura color field at

The aura contains valuable information about your inner life. This information refers to:

  • The way you perceive life: their basic beliefs about reality
  • How do you feel about yourself and about others: recurring moods and emotional patterns
  • The “story of his soul”: the past experiences that shaped your present psychological makeup

What a psychic reader sees?

Psychic readers, through Psychic Readings – clairvoyant, perceive the aura as a field (in layers) colorful, surrounding the person. The colors have psychological significance. They represent internal states, moods, thought patterns, etc. Readers may also notice several symbolic images or images related to real events of the past (this life or previous lives). Often, readers also feel the aura – without visual images – getting in tune with it intuitively.

Psychic readers are not able to “see everything about you” or “read your mind”, and Psychic Readingsclairvoyant make this quite clear at the beginning of every session. Making predictions is not the purpose of psychic reading. Although sometimes a player can feel the probability of happening a specific fact, it is often very difficult to predict the future, if only because our future is not fixed and certain probabilities development time is highly flexible. We are able to create our own reality as we walk through life, and this means that the future contains many possible realities for us. Click here to read more about Psychic related articles

5 Ways To Ensure A Great Psychic Reading

Anyone can read auras and do the so famous angel readings?

The ability to read auras (angel readings) is a natural extension of the ability to feel what others are feeling. This usually happens spontaneously with people who are sensitive and empathic by nature. They do not need to see any color, but they can feel a lot about what’s going on with the people around them. So, to some extent, everyone is familiar with the principle underlying the psychic reading. This also means that anyone can learn to read auras, although some are more predisposed to it than others.

How an aura reading can help me?

The angel readings can help you achieve greater penetration into the subconscious, the internal mechanisms that shape your emotional life …