Kanaka Pete and the Ghosts of Newcastle Island

Many claim the most haunted area in the Pacific North West is Newcastle Island located on the East side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Newcastle Island was used as a smallpox colony in the early 1800s. Men, women and children died on that Island and were buried in unmarked make-shift graves.

Kanaka Pete

In 1869 a big Hawaiian named Kanaka Pete came home drunk late one night to his home in Nanaimo, which is next to Newcastle Island and found his native wife committing adultery with her father. In a fit of rage Kanaka Pete grabbed an axe and chopped them up into pieces along with her mother and his infant daughter. 

He attempted to escape to Vancouver by canoe but while spending the night on Newcastle Island on way to Vancouver he was captured. He was promised a fair trial by his peers but it never happened. After a quick trial he was hung, While he was on the Gallows he vowed he would return and shouted “Vengeance will be mine”.  Both the Europeans and Natives refused to have him buried on their land so they buried him in an unmarked grave on the east side of Newcastle Island near what is now called Kanaka Bay. 

Mining Disaster

In1887 The largest mining disaster in British Columbia’s history occurred when an explosion trapped and killed 150 miners in the coal shafts under Newcastle Island. Their bodies were never recovered. 


Paranormal Activity of Newcastle Island

Paranormal happenings are frequent on Newcastle Island. It is believed by many that the spirits of the dead are still trapped on that Island. 
There are some very unhappy spirits on that Island. The most notable is the evil spirit of the Axe Murder Kanaka Pete. His ghost lurks the east side (far side) of the Island seeking revenge and is the source of many evil paranormal atrocities. Some claim he caused the mining explosion that entombed 150 miners.

There are many rumors and stories of ghostly paranormal happenings taking place on the far side of Newcastle Island after dark.  Camping on the far side is forbidden. Some say they have heard screams and chopping sounds late at night.  There are stories of people disappearing after going to the far side of the Island at night.